ComWorks continues to look for ways to innovate and provide unique solutions for targeted markets.

Mobile Applications

  • Halo - Sales Management Tool
  • Tap Send - mobile application that was created to make processes for members of different organizations¬†super easy.
  • Circles - Business Center in Your Hands

Datacasting Integration using BML

Enterprise-grade Intelligent Video Surveillance (CCTV) and Analytics

Solar Solutions

Disaster Management Solutions

  • Smart Satellite
  • Two-way radios
  • Portable mobile cellular sites

ISDB-T Set Top Boxes and Antennas (We should maybe include this retail)

Multi Dwelling Units/In-building solutions

  • RF Antennas
  • Dream satellite TV
  • ISDB-T Receivers

Mobile Remittance Services (Be a Smart Padala Agent!)

Point-to-point/Point-to-multipoint IP Radios for Multi-branch Connections