ComWorks is a leading information communications technology company that provides products and solutions for corporate, home, SME and consumer markets served through its divisions and extensive distribution network. With a nationwide scope and constant drive, we continuously bring new solutions to our markets through the most innovative means.

Our Mission

We are a firm whose companies cover a nationwide scope in providing diverse solutions to different markets, and add value to our investors, partners and principals. ComWorks mission is to increase shareholder value in a manner that upholds to the moral and ethical standards that the company owners and founders stand for.

Our Vision

Consistently contribute directly to national development

Offering our channel trade partners inclusive and expanded growth through entrepreneurial opportunities.

Educating ComWorks employees professionally and personally, and providing growth opportunities through career enhancement.

Being examples of responsible, productive and contributing members of society.

Nurture relationships with investors, trade partners, customers and employees

Always looking to add value to our investors, principals and trading partners.

Aiming to create long-term relationships with our customers.

Continuously enhancing employee relationships through openness and trust.

Produce positive and sustainable financial results

Fostering an unending entrepreneurial spirit - continuously seeking projects that generate sustainable cash flows, and are operated efficiently.

Decision-making with long-term benefits in mind - always mindful of succeeding generations.

Prudent balancing and diversification of portfolio offering, and investments in assets that increase shareholder value.

Our Values

Treating others with honesty, integrity and empathy.

Being conscientious in what we do by being committed, hardworking, accountable, and reliable.

Having a passion for excellence - always looking for better ways to do things and achieve results.